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Free Ecological Footprint PPT Template

Free Ecological Footprint PPT Template

Free Ecological Footprint PPT template helps list the natural resources being consumed. Make a balance sheet of the resources being biologically produced, such as pastures, rain forests and fisheries, compared with the demand of humans. Use this free Nature PowerPoint theme to highlight ways of producing renewable energy to tackle the energy being consumed. Be innovative in your suggestions and combine your Engineering, as well as Business know-how to come up with a solution. Later, pitch the solution in a team meeting or a brainstorming session aimed at creating a greener company image.

Download Ecological Footprint background for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 PC to explain how to manage Earth’s ecological resources in the best manner. If you are a part of a small business, do analyze the conventional work practices put into place and try to shift towards techniques to reduce the carbon footprint.

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