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Free Color Pencil PPT Template

Free Color Pencil PPT Template

Free Color Pencil PPT template has a dark green background with colored pencils forming a circular pattern. ‘I’m learning’ is written in the empty space between the pencils. Make drawing lessons fun with free PowerPoint slides. Teach your elementary school class, whether they are in Preschool or Kindergarten how to draw and make objects. Inspire their young minds to learn through free Education School PPT slides and Book Education PowerPoint theme.

Make a presentation to serve as a tutorial on how to draw a particular painting. Use the slides to paste images of unfinished painting, and write down instructions about how to perform a particular step. A step by step guide, such as Color Pencil PowerPoint slides helps show them a large image, so they do not have to leave their seats to ask for instructions.

Children not only learn with their sight, but other senses as well. They learn by experience, and like to adventure into uncharted ways of learning. Provide them visual input to help see the images in different shades and angles. Give them simple tips regarding how to color and paint better with Color Pencil PowerPoint background.

Free Color Pencil PPT template is available for download on the latest and previous version of Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress.

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