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Free Abstract Purple PPT Template

Free Abstract Purple PPT Template

Free abstract purple PPT template symbolizes mystery and magic among your audience. In ancient times, the color purple was quite rare, and it was associated with royalty. It is the combination of blue and red, which are quite different to each other, as one is warm and the other one is cool. Free PowerPoint slides catering to this ideal color are found here. If you are giving a presentation on a Thursday, then purple slides can bring you good luck. Popular among young and old, download vivid slides, such as Pyramid PPT theme, and simple PPT slides.

If you are looking to incorporate bright colors in to your slides, and use a background that resembles mat finish, then abstract purple PPT theme is ideal for your purpose. The color purple is associated with honest and good judgement. It is also the color for those who are seeking a spiritual fulfillment. Have a peace of mind by surrounding yourself with bright and soothing colors.

Often used in meditation, the color purple helps people focus, and gathers their attention towards the content of the slides. This eliminates the most common error made by most presenters, which is to have a flashy or distracting background theme. You want to captivate the attention of your audience, and excite them.

Free abstract purple PPT template is available for download on the newest and previous releases of iWork, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

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