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Share and Sell Photography with The EyeEm App

EyeEm is a free app that reviews your photo album and recommends similar albums to you. All you do is to snap a picture, and the rest is done automatically. Photographers have a chance to get paid by partnering with Getty Images and other global media brands through this app. Additionally, share pictures with friends, colleagues and family on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Those who prefer privacy can engage in private conversations with other users, however, the private photo upload option is not available. Whomever you are, you will find it exciting to share and sell photography with the EyeEm App for free on iOS and Google play.

Share and Sell Photography with The EyeEm App 1

The Good

Good customer support and a dedicated community of users. EyeEm offers a more diverse range of features, as compared to its competitors, such as Instagram. The interface is quite intuitive, as tapping replaces typing for the most part.

The Bad

Any pictures taken is automatically shared with the community, hence no picture privacy. Effects cannot be applied while taking photographs, hence there is no effects preview. Selective focus options is not included.

The Conclusion

If you are not a fan of the privacy surrounding the Insagram community, this app is for you. Additionally, there are opportunities for those who seek to get their content published in global media.

So, try out the next big thing in social photo apps with the EyeEm App to sell and share photography for free. You are sure to become a fan of its slick interface.

Download EyeEm App for iOS and Android for free