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How To Make a Timeline in PowerPoint 2013

Timelines are PowerPoint slides packed with visuals for showing events taken place with the passage of time. Such slides provide performance reviews and much more. Making timelines from scratch is quite a time-consuming task, so we would like to share some online and offline timeline making resources, as well as to show how to make a timeline in PowerPoint 2013. Some of the websites listed below provide a free service, while others provide a fully functioning trial timeline with a watermark. There is also a collection of free PPT templates for these timelines.

Insert a Simple Timeline

Timelines in the form of SmartArt graphics are available in your copy of PowerPoint 2013. These timelines are fully customizable, as you can format them using the intuitive interface. To insert a timeline, just click the Design tab, followed by SmartArt button (in the Illustrations group). Click on Process in the dialog box, and select from different diagrams.

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Used by over 500,000 presenters worldwide, OfficeTIMELINE is simply an Add-In, where beauty triumphs diversity. It has a free edition available for download, along with the Plus Edition. There is even a free tour to familiarize the user. The software lets you work inside the familiar environment of PowerPoint, while providing all the tools and visuals to get the job done.


A Microsoft PowerPoint rival, TimelineMaker specializes in interactive presentation niche. It is made for those who find it a struggle to manually piece together a timeline. You can try the fully functioning free version out, and if you like it, buy the retail version.

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Timerime ( Timelines with Pictures)

A must for everyone involved in academia, timerime is the gold standard for educational timelines, packed with photos and videos. If this wasn’t enough, you have the option to showcase a timeline on your website. A demo version is available for schools.

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Dubbed as the “Google Maps for time,” timeglider lets you create detailed timelines with lots of options to explore. This web based timeline creator has a special offer only for students, while a paid version for teachers and enthusiasts.

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Now you know how to make a professional grade educational timeline with out hassle of license fees or learning curves.