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How to Hide a Slide in PowerPoint

PowerPoint remains a frontrunner in presentation tools, bridging ideas with visuals and enabling professionals from various fields to convey their messages effectively. One often overlooked but potent tool within PowerPoint is the ability to hide slides. This feature allows presenters to adapt on the fly, ensuring that their content always aligns with the audience’s needs and the overall presentation context.

So, what exactly is the “hide slide” feature? Simply put, it allows a presenter to keep slides within their deck without them appearing during the actual presentation. These slides are tucked away, ready to be revealed if needed, but stay hidden from the main slideshow.

Steps to Hide a Slide in PowerPoint

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. In the slide sorter view or slide pane, select the slide(s) you wish to hide.
  3. Right-click on the selected slide(s) and choose ‘Hide Slide’ from the dropdown menu. The slide number will then be crossed out, indicating it’s hidden.
  4. To unhide, simply right-click the hidden slide and deselect ‘Hide Slide’.

Hide a Slide in PowerPoint

Benefits of Using the Hide Slide Feature in PowerPoint

  • Unified Slide Deck: Say goodbye to managing multiple versions of a presentation. One deck can cater to various scenarios, thanks to hidden slides. Some presenters also use the Custom Slide Show feature to configure a custom order of slides for the slideshow.
  • Streamlined Presentation: Your audience sees a clean, uninterrupted flow of slides, ensuring their attention remains undivided.
  • Presenter Control: Feel more in control of your content, knowing you can adapt and switch things up based on real-time feedback and situations.


The strategic advantage of using the “hide slide” feature in PowerPoint simplifies the life of the presenter but also ensures that the audience gets a tailored experience. As you gear up for your next presentation, remember this hidden gem and leverage its power to make your content resonate more deeply with your audience. After all, in the world of presentations, flexibility is king.