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Free Photo Website Resources for Presentations

Try not to bulk up your free PPT presentation with lots of statistics and bulleted lists. While words are easier to dash off, a good quality image will genuinely attract the attention of your audience. Let us be frank, finding the right image can be quite a hassle, especially, when you don’t even know if you have the permission to use it. Do remember that copyright law protects nearly every image on the web, meaning that only the rightful author has the authority to reproduce the image. Still, there are ways to find images that fall in the public domain and Creative Commons. Let us explore some Photo Website Resources for Presentations, subject to various terms of use.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that invites photographers to let people reuse their photos in their free business and educational presentations for the sake of creativity. The site has introduced different license types: one allows the use of pictures for commercial purpose, and the other allows users to modify, or build upon the image. The Creative Commons website has filters (check boxes) to toggle between licenses. This allows users to search the Fair Use images from popular photo sharing websites, such as Flickr, Open Clip Art Library, Wikimedia Commons, and Google Images, among others.

Free Photo Website Resources for Presentations 2

Public domain

These are pictures on which copyright is inapplicable, the author has not enforced the copyright, or copyright has expired. Most websites explicitly state if they are sources of free photos or not. Websites for public domain images include: publicDomainPictures, PublicDomainArchive, and PDPics.com.

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Royalty Free

Websites with royalty free images allow users to download images upon paying a nominal fee. Such websites feature some of the best images in terms of quality and resolution. Here you find stock images in raster / vector form. The sites have already paid royalties to photographers, so you don’t have to, hence, royalty-free. Carefully, read through the license agreement, which may include fees for exclusive use, subject to a duration of time. Acquiring the right to use royalty-free images for a particular duration prevents any of your competitors from using them within the same period. Royalty free websites include iStockPhoto, and freeDigitalPhotos.

Free Images

Free images are often not good enough for use in commercial presentations. On the contrary, a professional photographer may offer them as a sample. Remember to read the license agreement of the website to know if there are any stipulations regarding the printing or distribution of such images. Websites where you can find free images include: Pixabay, and FreeImages.

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The above article explains where to find valuable photo website resources for presentations and their use within the law. Download a free PowerPoint template to insert the downloaded raster/vector images.