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Free Animated PowerPoint Templates

Animations provoke action and enhance the understanding of your audience. A collection of free animated PowerPoint templates are found on the web. PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 also provide animations and triggers to apply on text, as well as graphics. Apply graphical effects on free PowerPoint templates, as most of these animations are stand-alone slides or a group of slides, so they should be treated as a part of the whole presentation.

A Collection of Animations

This is a collection of transitional effects packed into a single presentation. Effects vary from fade out to dissolve. The image of the bird is an example of the various effects. These are useful in free education as well as finance PPT themes.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 1

Download the Collection of Animations

Travel Route Map Slide

This is a generic travel animation. It plays the animation of a pointer, which covers a distance from the starting point to the destination. Insert three destinations covered by the map. Replace the destinations with your own by changing the background picture. To change background, Right Click. Select Change Picture from the menu. Such a slide is useful when demonstrating travel expenditures, business trip, freight charges, school trip, or a vacation plan.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 2

Download the Travel Route Map Slide

Circular Picture Thumbnails Slide

The fly in transition is applied on the objects / pictures. Insert pictures of similar objects, such as company products, and write a short description with each.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 3

Download the Circular Picture Thumbnails Slide

3 in 1 Picture Animation Slide

A variation of the Zoom animation, each of the three pictures occupies the center of the screen, one after the other.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 4b

Replace each scenery with product designs or work samples.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 4
Download the 3 in 1 Picture Animation Slide

Rectangles in Sequence Slide

Each of the reflecting rectangular boxes flies into position. If you need more boxes, just Copy-Paste them as many time as you like. This is a smooth presentation with a shadow effect.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 5b

Change the text according to your requirement. The diagrams are useful for non sequential data.

Free Animated PowerPoint Templates 5

Download the Rectangles in Sequence Slide

The above lists a collection of free Animated templates for PowerPoint available on the web. They are mostly in the form of standalone slides, so copy-paste them into free PowerPoint presentations.