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3 Resources to Download Free Textures for PowerPoint

If you want to create gorgeous textured slide backgrounds for your next PowerPoint presentation then here we will show you some of the best resources where you can download textures. You can then use the textures as a background of PowerPoint or Keynote or edit them in Photoshop.

1. TextureKing

TextureKing is an awesome resource if you are looking for textures for your PowerPoint presentations.  You can download textures from this website and make awesome slide designs. Concrete, grunge, metals, stone, rock, plaster, liquids, rust are some of the textures that you can find on this website.


2. CGTextures

You can find textures on beach like sand textures, as well as other useful textures for technology presentations, fabric textures, roofing, grunge textures, fire textures. There are plenty of tile textures that can easily be used in PowerPoint presentations.



3. Mayang Textures




4. Texture Mate